HEY YOU! Yeah, YOU. Calling all beautiful weirdos…

First off, thank you for aiming your web browser at this little corner of the internet and tuning in to my miscellaneous babblings. Believe it or not, it means a lot to me that you’re here. I’ve been having a blast doing this blog, and I sure hope you’re enjoying yourself, too.

Over the past little while, you’ve gotten to know me a bit. I, however, have no idea who you are. The lovely blog counters at WordPress.com tell me how many times my awesome little site is visited each day and which pages are opened, but it doesn’t tell me anything about who you are.

Are you my Facebook friends, clicking randomly on the blog from my status updates out of sheer sympathy and boredom in the middle of the night? Are you fellow bloggers, checking up to see what this new punkass hack is up to? Or (holding my breath…) are you Jen Lancaster (and if you are, thanks for the kind little note, btw, but you’re not nearly as funny in emails as I am) or Oprah or Ellen (and if you are, I know the perfect guy to play me in the film version of my book…)??

I’m too lazy and too computer-illiterate (seriously, people, I once thought the little button with the moon symbol on a laptop might have activated the moonroof or something) to figure out how to add a guest book to this blog, but I’d love to hear from you — even if you’re just writing to tell me how much I suck. That’s why I’ve written this special little page. See that little ‘Comment’ section below? Say hello to me there. Or, if you prefer, you can write to me directly: zaxmailbox@yahoo.com (that’s pretty damned clever, huh?).

So, there we go. Don’t be shy.


4 thoughts on “HEY YOU! Yeah, YOU. Calling all beautiful weirdos…

  1. Hey Zach,
    Thanks for writing… The only reason I found your blog is that I checked out your profile on RJ (I cant remember if it was your witty posts or that little picture of you that led me to it), and one thing led to another. Like you, I grew up in WA state but now I am in So Cal, stuck here as a medical resident but I am hoping to escape the congestion of LA for someplace a little quieter, cheaper, and nicer once I am through. Anyways, please keep writing. I enjoy your leaf blower stories.

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  3. Zach,
    It’s Kori, from Zales, I read your blog a year or so ago, and then came across it again today and was wondering why you haven’t written in such a long time! I love your wit and humor!

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