About pro(zach)nation

pro(zach)nation is the pet blog project of Zachary Andrew, and really doesn’t serve any higher  purpose at all.  It’s not a political soapbox.  It’s not a dispensary of bon-mots or words of wisdom.  It’s not the website of a Nigerian banker in need of your bank account information for the purpose of depositing outrageous, fabulous sums of money into it because-really-out-of nearly-seven-billion-people-on-this-planet-you’re-the-random-good-hearted-individual-that-Mr.Aboutidijeridou-felt-safe-leaving-his-vast-fortune-to.  It’s just the blog of a guy who has a lot of words in his head and just enough of a narcissist streak to put them out there for the world to read.

Zachary lives in Phoenix, Arizona. He, his long-suffering boyfriend, and his pets — a fiesty parrot and a pampered cat — are recent ex-pats of the Pacific Northwest.  They are still convincing themselves that it’s a dry heat.

He enjoys reading, writing, hanging out with friends and the long-suffering object of his affection, running, doing anything that constitutes exercise and makes his muscles big and glisteny, and hiking the Arizona desert.  He is astrologically a Taurus, which gives him an excuse to be a stubborn, pugnacious asshat. He just says no to drugs, looks both ways before crossing streets, is is apt to carry on conversations with and anthropomorphize inanimate objects, and sings loudly in the shower, even though he really really shouldn’t.


4 thoughts on “About pro(zach)nation

  1. Just testing to see if your blog is full proof. Nice to see your blog is finally converted, now waiting for updates on your exciting day to day ramblings 🙂

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    • Hey! I know, I know! I’m on vacation this week, brewing up a whole lot of new stuff to write about and recharging my batteries. New material soon, I swear! I swear!

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