Great…ly Reduced Expectations

To quote Britney: oops…I fucking did it again.  Every time I promise myself I’m going to be better about not neglecting this blog, I do it…I write like the dickens for, well, a day, and then this thing gathers dust.  There are a myriad of reasons for this.  Well, really, there always are, aren’t there. … Continue reading


Baby’s got a new game, and it might just drive us all mad. It all started out innocuously enough. Last week, Instagram ™ came to the Android platform, and ham-fisted amateur artists around the world went crazy. Finally, we could be as cool as our iPhone-toting artist/hipster/tech-wonk/undiscovered-virtuosos-working-mundane-everyday-jobs friends! Yes, this was a very good day … Continue reading


Usually, when one’s morning starts with sprinting from the bathroom mid-shower, water still running and torrents of it dripping off one’s body and leaving a soggy trail through the apartment, it usually isn’t an omen that it’s going to be a very good day. But that’s exactly what happened this morning, and I couldn’t be … Continue reading

Of Supernovas and Falling Stars

Once upon a time, long before pro(zach)nation was a blog that billions (well, hundreds) read (and long, long, waaaaay long before I got too damned busy to remember to update this blog more than once or twice every, oh, six months), I was a writer. And…not just a writer, mind you, but a pretty decent … Continue reading